Our Next Adventure….

range and river move flyer

It is true!  East Side Books is starting a new chapter in bookselling for the Eastern Sierra.  We are changing our name and location, and some sales strategies, we’ll sell a few more new books and more “other” things for example.   We are keeping our amazing inventory of used titles, your store credit and gift certificate values, our friendly staff, and, of course, our smart and interesting customers who  keep  bookselling in a real store  viable.

Like many of you, I can’t help but regret the passing of East Side Books, with the nooks and corners, the big windows, and the lovely trees across the road.  I’m sad to be the owner that has to close that door.  But, I think we’ll gain so much in location, foot traffic, participation in downtown Bishop events, parking, and a cool space, that it surpasses the loss.  I’m not the only book seller experiencing dropping sales, but I think with adjustments we can be one of the bookstores that continue to thrive as a valued asset in our community.

I am so grateful for the many offers of moving help (and brownies), and hope to make use of that kind community minded spirit as we get closer to the actual move.  When will that be?  I still can’t say for sure as we are waiting for the owners of Raymond’s to finish renovating their new space and move out, also a daunting job!  In the meantime, I welcome your comments and suggestions, and would love to speak with local  crafters, cottage food producers, and artists if you have potential items to sell.  I’ll keep news of the move posted here and on the Facebook page.  Feel free to call as well if you have questions.

It will be an adventure, please be there with us!.




Please be Patient!

The good news – Renovations have started at the new Main Street location for Range and River Books.  The bad news is that we may experience various levels of chaos in the meanwhile before we are settled in.  Please, please be patient for a few weeks as we scurry around to be ready.  I will keep the existing store open as much as possible, and we are already posting 30% off sales throughout the store.  We will NOT do any more special orders until we are settled in the new store. I really apologize but  I think the potential for poor follow through or lost paperwork is just too high.  We also will not accept books for credit in August, but we generally do not anyway.

We will probably have to close both store for a week to transfer the shelves and books, which will be the biggest disruption.  I will switch over to the new website as of August 1, which may or may not cause confusion.  If anyone has questions or problems, please be sure to speak to me (Diane) or leave me a message and I will get back to you.

I am apprehensive looking at the logistics, but fully believe the end result will be worth it!  New local products, treats, comfortable seating,  foot traffic,  and plenty of books will be all for the good. With your patience and support, I know it will be worth the effort!




THE World War, or WWI to Us

photoOld volumes titled The World War, or The Great War, or something similar always catch my attention.  That first “global” conflict has been so eclipsed by the 1940′s version in our popular histories and culture that most of us can barely remember when it was or what was at issue.  Just look at my shelf space devoted to WWII books, compared to the small corner for The War to End All Wars – I would have so much more room for angels and saints if that were only true!  I don’t know if it was naivete, or horror at the atrocities, that had people convinced this was going to be the last war.  I would like to read more of those lovely gilt and blind stamped volumes just to find out what they were thinking.

Of course there is no shortage of good literature on the topic, both fiction and non, contemporary to the war or more current historical research.  Daedulus, the remainder book distrubutor, just posted a list of favorite WWI titles that I thought I would share to get you started.  The attention on Downton Abbey has certainly helped boost interest in that era too.  In fact, I would add Kate Morton’s wonderful British home front stories, especially The House at Riverton,  to the list of fiction books on the topic.  I think the first season of Downton Abbey is remarkably similar to Morton’s book, but if you like historical fiction at all, you will still appreciate the suspense and great characters. Come in and see what we have to offer! 

Here is the Daedulus list:

Top Ten WWI Books

Daedalus’ Top Ten WWI Books:

The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman
Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain
Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker
Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger
The Great War and Modern Memory by Paul Fussell
The Pity of War by Niall Ferguson
The Beauty and the Sorrow by Peter Englund
The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry
Good-Bye to All That by Robert Graves
Over Here: The First World War and American Society by David Kennedy

Please share your favorite WWI books with us by sending an email to daedalus@daedalusbooks.com

WWI personal favorites from two Daedalus staffers:

One of Ours by Willa Cather
The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman
Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker
All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
The Good Soldier Svejk by Jaroslav Hasek
Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger

Random Acts of Kindness

Some customers bring a smile to your face every time they come in, and Bill makes me smile nearly every day.  I’ve appreciated the love he showers on his grandchildren, his generosity with acquaintances, and general friendliness, but today he truly showed what a random act of kindness can do to spread good will.   He noticed a neighbors’ grand daughter in the store and bought her a stack of Wizard of Oz books, which he recommended from frequent readings of course, and The Princess Diary as well.  What a happy girl!  What an example of kindness!  Thanks for being my customer and friend Bill!

Mule Days Book Signing with Author Cynthia Attar, The Mule Companion

mule companionWe are pleased to announce another Mule Days event for you, a fun booksigning with Washington author Cynthia Attar.  She will bring her popular book  The Mule Companion, A Guide to Understanding the Mule  with her to sign on Saturday, May 24 immediately following the parade (park on the East Side of Main Street!!)  We’ll have some refreshments and the air conditioning on if it is hot, so please stop by for a visit! 

This book has been in publication for the past 20 years, with the most recent edition published in 2009. Here’s a quote from the author on her book:

“This book was the first one I wrote. I am a mule lover and spent a chunk of my adulthood training horses and mules. This book is what I learned through the “school of hard knocks” working with mules. In this book you will find comprehensive information about training, caring for, breeding mules and more. Written in a down-home style, this is a MUST for all mule enthusiasts and future mule owners.”

Ms.  Attar is a psychic medium for pets and people, so is sure to have a unique perspective on mule training. Her bio states: 

Cynthia Attar, previously a mule trainer-schooled by the mule itself, learned how the mule mind works. Using this information, she obtained amazing results without force, fear, or pain. With a deep love for mules, Cynthia now empowers others to understand these long-eared equines, and aims to show how great mules truly are and to show the bond that mules and their people share. Currently as one who communicates with all animals, and aids in their healing, Cynthia resides in Washington State with her animal friends. She continues to write and share her passions with the world.

I’m looking forward to meeting her and seeing all of you!  Please call or email if you have questions or want to reserve a copy of The Mule Companion.

Leprechaun Party and Storytime Photos 2014

Such an enthusiastic group at the Leprechaun Party this year!  Kids and adults seemed to enjoy the stories, crafts and games, although I brought home waaaay too many treats! 

As always,  these parties wouldn’t work at all without the wonderful help from a whole crew.  Since I want to read stories, I truly rely on these folks to keep the rest of the party rolling.  I especially want to thank Jen for putting in the long- hours day and her organizing skills. Thanks to our neighbor Chris for rescuing our photography efforts, all errors and other omissions are strictly ours! Also a huge thank you to lovely Autumn for helping shelve in preparation, and sharing one last party before she graduates and is off to college.  (Remember that first Books and Barnyard event?  You will be so missed here Autumn, but of course we are thrilled for you too ). 

In the leprechaun assistant department, thank you AJ for being so helpful, flexible and patient, Carson for extraordinary leprechaun trickery, Emma and Clara for unbound enthusiasm and craftiness, of course Rachel and Matt for stopping for a visit and helping to clean up, and Katie for treat preparation, treasure coordination, and crew recruitment!  As our eighth leprechaun event wrapped up, it was hard not to get nostalgic, so many kids have grown up now attending and then helping out.  Eight years is a long time in a childhood and so many of my helpers have grown up…big sigh, but thank you for sharing these fun  times and some silliness. 

Here are some photos, hopefully a few more to come.



8th Annual Leprechaun Party & Storytime

IMG_3376It’s time to party with the Leprechauns, who do hang around all year you know!  Join us Saturday, March 22 for an Open House between 5:30 and 8:30 for treats, treasure hunting, crafts, games, and STORIES!  I have such a great stock stories of leprechaun, fairy, trolls, mermaids, and little magical people from all over the wide wide world,  I can’t wait to share some with kids of any age.

We will have the Lucky Fairy Well set up again soon.  You can toss in a lucky coin, make a wish, and know your coins will continue to spread the joy donated to community literacy projects. 

Give us a call or message if you have any questions!lp aj

Announcing the 2014 Romance Cover Winners!

With some help from this darling who appropriately matched our entry slips today,photo we’ve picked two winners of the $25 Gift Certificates, which will buy an armful of romance novels.  Congratulations Dee and Danielle!  Your gift certificates are here waiting for you.

And the results you have all been waiting for, the most popular romance cover from our selection of Bad Boy titles is….. The Seduction of Scandal!   the seduction by scandal 

In second place by a narrow margin, Savage Thunder, starring our hero Colt Thunder with the dramatic hair…savage thunder


There you have it, and thanks for playing!

East Side Books now available at Cobwebs Antiques Shop!

We’ve blown the cobwebs off some of our vintage treasures to fill the shelves at Cobwebs Antiques Shop!  We are grateful to Cathy and crew for the space to show off, and sell, these wonderful books that sometimes get lost in our stacks.  So by all  means, visit their lovely shop at 307 S. Main, Bishop, the old Inyo County Jail, for antiques of all sorts, including great books!  I’ll put pictures up soon!

More ESB Books for Sale at Cobwebs Antique Shop

East Side Books are now available at Cobwebs Antique Shop (307 South Main, across from Great Basin Bakery)! We are in the process of installing some shelves and vintage type book displays at Cobwebs, and hope it improves the visibility for some real treasures! Stop by and say hello to Cathy, Jim, Kathleen, Lolita and crew, and visit our growing sale display.  http://cobwebsantiquesshop.com/index.html  Of course there is no shortage IN our store either, so visit here too please!